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Clawson offers several types of aboveground single- and double-wall Skid Tanks.  Heavy-duty skid tanks combine mobility with structural integrity for highly flexible and safe storage.  Econo Skid Tanks are built to provide safe and dependable stationary storage.  In addition to standard skid tanks, Clawson manufactures UL labeled models.  Available in either red or green enamel, skid tanks have capacities ranging from 300 to 2,100 gallons and are compatible with a wide range of fuels.  To meet secondary containment requirements, Clawson offers heavy-duty steel dikes.

Capacity Diameter Length
160 gallon 36" 30"
300 gallon 38" 60"
560 gallon 48" 72"
1,000 gallon 48" 128"
2,000 gallon 64" 144"
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